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COMMISSION: JusticeGundam - Aoba,Akao, and Satsuki by jadenkaiba
COMMISSION: JusticeGundam - Aoba,Akao, and Satsuki
Commission for :iconjusticegundam:

In that part of his story, the Super Robot team is ambushed by an alliance of villains (from Jinki Extend, Buddy Complex and Infinite Stratos). Akao, as the newcomer of the Jinki team, can't bring herself to go out there and fight, so Satsuki takes her place, but Satsuki's robot is quickly taken out by Kalis, one of the main Jinki Extend villains, and Satsuki herself is badly injured in the battle.

The Story

Akao sighed sadly while she walked to the darkened room, holding a bunch of medical supplies in her hands. She paused for a moment to take off her flip-flops before entering the room, and before she could open the door, she was it slide aside, as her friend and teammate, Aoba Tsuzaki, the well-known Jinki ace pilot, appeared behind it, wearing a somewhat tired but still energic expression on her face. The black-haired girl managed a small smile while greeting her friend, and gratefully accepted the supplies she was carrying.

"Glad to see you. Things are all too quiet around here ever since we escaped that attack..." Aoba greeted her friend, as the two of them padded back into the dimly illuminated room, only a small lamp on a neaby table giving any sort of light. 

"I know... ever since Zogilia and their allies scattered us, morale is pretty low... we were lucky to find this makeshift camp and get a place to stay for now..." Akao murmured, before turning her glance to a small figure laying on a simple mattress in a corner of the room. She sobered once again, before asking a question to her friend. "By the way, how is Satsuki?"

Aoba sighed sympathetically, and accompanied Akao to a stool placed near the mattress, and the two teenagers sat down and looked at their friend laying seemingly unconscious upon it. "She's doing... well, relatively speaking. The doctors have finished treating her wounds a few minutes ago, and reccomended her to rest here for the moment." she informed. Akao felt her heart clench as she looked at the youngest of the Jinki pilots, and saw just how badly she was hurt - Satsuki was covered in bandages from her neck to the balls of her feet, to the point where she looked like a small mummy. Only her head, fingers and toes were still uncovered, and another bandage was wrapped around her forehead as well.

"This is... all my fault..." Akao murmured. "If only I had been braver... if only I had fought, maybe Satsuki wouldn't be hurt this badly."

"Maybe. Or maybe not." Aoba answered, gently putting a hand on Akao's shoulders. "I mean, we are fighting a war after all. You never know what's going to happen, and you can never be prepared for everything. That Kalis guy would have probably injured or killed you as well... trust me, he was way strong."

"But still..." Akao murmured, before a slight pained groan caught her attention, and she looked down at Satsuki's bandaged form, seeing the younger teenager scrunch her face in a grimace, before groggily opening her eyes.
Akao and Aoba immediately turned to their injured friend in relief. "Satsuki-chan!" the black-haired teen exclaimed. "Satsuki-chan, you're awake... we're glad about that!"

"How... how are you feeling, Satsuki-chan?" Akao asked, seeing Satsuki blink, as if to focus. She tried to sit up, but her injuries had left her too weak, and she settled for staying on her back, trying to relax.

"I... will survive, Akao-san..." she whispered. "P-please... don't... blame yourself... I... chose to pilot the Jinki... of my own free will... and... Lt. Fairs had it... worse... anyway..."

"But..." Akao answered, still feeling guilty over her earlier misgivings. "I... could have helped you... and maybe you wouldn't be so injured! Maybe... maybe I could have helped our friends too, and we wouldn't be scattered now!"

"It's okay... Akao-san..." Satsuki murmured with a pained smile. "Don't... blame yourself... I am... more worried about the fact... that I ended up trashing... the Nana-Two my brother... worked so hard on..."

"Never mind that, Satsuki-chan." Aoba said, her hand still on Akao's shoulder. "For now, think of resting and healing. We'll figure out some way to contact our friends again, and we'll have your Jinki fixed as well. Rest assured that Zogilia and the Kyomu have only won a battle!"

Satsuki took a deep breath, trying to shift her bandaged body in a comfortable position. "O-Okay, Aoba-san... thank you... You can always find the... silver lining in everything, huh?" she said, sounding a little more energetic.

That actually made Aoba giggle a little. "What can I say, I try to do my best..."
ARTWORK : Silvia Lumiere by jadenkaiba
ARTWORK : Silvia Lumiere
3rd Character for RWBY OC

Team MILC (pronounced as "milk" (I changed the Teams  name so that it can be related to color)

Silvia Lumiere 

Silvia - Rhymes with the Silver color

Lumiere - french word for “light”

Her Weapon is Schubertha a Kodachi with Shield 

Weapon Design by Jeremy Arquisola

Character Motif : Ninja

She has a Litlle Sister named  Aurelia Lumiere
Her Parents were burn alive in front of her by the White Fang 

Team MILC - UPDATED by jadenkaiba

ARTWORK : Magenta Madolche by jadenkaibaARTWORK: Indaco Sigfrid by jadenkaiba
MANGA COMMISSION : Controlling Mother Ch 2 Page 6 by jadenkaiba
MANGA COMMISSION : Controlling Mother Ch 2 Page 6
A mind control + incest story by :icondeliciouspudding: 

Chapter 2 Page 6

What is bound to happen as Risa has the possession of the helmet that Kenta made?

Previous Page:

MANGA COMMISSION : Controlling Mother Ch 2 Page 5 by jadenkaiba

Next Page: Coming Soon
Fan Art : Princess Sarah by jadenkaiba
Fan Art : Princess Sarah
My Fan Art of Princess Sarah

wikia time

Princess Sarah
 (小公女セーラ Purinsesu Sēra?), also known as Little Princess Sara(h), is a 1985 Japanese anime series produced by Nippon Animation and Aniplex, based on Frances Hodgson Burnett's novel, A Little Princess.[1] Spanning 46 episodes, it originally premiered in 1985 across Japan on Fuji Television as the 11th series of Nippon Animation's World Masterpiece Theater.

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Commission Time!

Journal Entry: Thu Mar 21, 2013, 4:10 PM


For commissions:

Go note me for details. I do really need money....I have a PC and  this is my way to help my family too......I use  PAYPAL account for Transfering money.

I also Accept Manga Commissions (price may depend to the page and by frame)  and Hentai Commissions XD (but i dont post it fully)

Ill make a list on how my price will prefer to you guys and gals.

:iconrequestsclosed: :iconrequestsonhold: :iconcommissionsopen: :iconcommissionsask: :iconarttradesfriendsonly: :iconcollabsfriendsonly: :icongiftsfriendsonly:

Commission : Miyo Kimiko by jadenkaiba
1 Character -  $20
2 Characters - $25

Commission: Kneesocks by jadenkaiba
1 Character -  $25
2 Characters - $30

Commission : Asuka Harpy Lady by jadenkaiba
1 Character -  $30
2 Characters - $35
Commission: Yugioh Harems by jadenkaiba
8 Character (base harem limit) - $70
extra character - add $5 per character

Commission: Blanche Cosplay by jadenkaiba
1 Character -  $40
2 Characters - $45
Commission: Neurix Harems by jadenkaiba
8 Character (base harem limit) - $80
extra character - add $5 per character

Manga Commission : Chronicles of a Duelist Page 3 by jadenkaiba
$40 -per page ( Black and White)
Commission: Amy Pond Manga 2 by jadenkaiba
$50 - per page (Colored)

Manga Commission: Onegai Teacher Doujin by jadenkaiba
$60 - per page (Manga Tonings)
Manga Commission : Mai - Hime Page 15 by jadenkaiba
$80 - per page (Manga Colored)

(manga page panel with the maximum of 8 panels)

Manga Commission Details
If u are doing the scripts, use this format:


   **********I will ask for your email if I sent the original image via attachment or in mediafire link *********

Hope we have a good time guys and gals!!! :)


Yui & Yusuke : School Fight Volume 1 is now Available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble :)


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I am welcome to discuss the topic with your or anyone who knows there accepting.   I'm flexible about price, and happy to discuss the commission as well as price with notes.  Feel free to discuss anytime ^^
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